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Motorbike Scanner MS6050DMM - DELUXE PRO Universal Motorcycle/ATV Scan Tool

Motorscan MS6050DMM
Smart Vehicle Diagnostics MS6050DMM (Motorscan)

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Smart Vehicle Diagnostics MS6050DMM

MS6050DMM DELUXE PRO Universal Motorcycle/ATV Scan Tool in Carrying Case, with Battery Cable & Universal Cable, w/ Master Software Token to work on all platforms
  • MOTORSCAN 6050 Scan Tool
  • Full Activation MASTER Software to activate all of vehicle manufacturer brands
  • Master Cable
  • Universal Connector Cable
  • Battery Clamp Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Guide
  • All in durable hard shell plastic carrying case.
  • Shock-absorbing case for scan tool
  • Including unlimited use software and access 365 days for Software Update & Diagnosis Coverage./li>
  • 10 Most Popular OEM Cables
    • MS460 (Honda), MS463 (Suzuki), MS458 (Kawasaki), MS525 (BMW), MS541 (Harley-Davidson), MS480 (Harley-Davidson), MS501 (BRP/CAN-AM), MS516 (Polaris), MS475 (Yamaha), MS499 (Aprilia, Cagiva, Ducati, MotoGuzzi, MV Agusta, Piaggio, Vespa
The Motorscan MS6050DMM is the next generation motorcycle, scooter and ATV diagnostic scan tool. It comes in a carrying case with Battery Cable & Universal Cable.

The scanner covers the following functions: Ignition, Injection, ABS, Immobilizer/Anti Theft, Service Resets, Dashboard, Body Computer, Radio/Entertainment System and RDC/Tire Pressure Monitoring. It is much more than just a code reader!

The Diagnostic Scanner allows the technician to perform factory service procedures such as re-setting the service light, encoding keys, unlocking and configuring the immobilizer/alarm, making injection adjustments (CO Trimmer), adjusting the throttle valve position sensor (TPS), resetting auto adaptive parameters, and making idle adjustments. The tool displays ECU data, reads stored faults (history) or live data (RPM, battery voltage, throttle angle).

  • Software available to cover 50 major manufacturers’ diagnostic functions. Activated via the internet.
  • Covers Injection, Ignition, ABS, Immobilizer/Anti-Theft System, Body Computer, etc.
The tool also allows the technician to perform factory service procedures such as:
  • Reading and Re-setting the service light
  • Encoding keys
  • Unlocking the immobilizer and configuring the immobilizer/alarm
  • Making injection adjustments (CO Trimmer)
  • Adjusting the throttle valve position sensor (TPS)
  • Re-setting auto-adaptive parameters
  • Making idle adjustments
  • The tool displays live data and ECU data, reads stored faults (history) or live data (RPM, battery voltage, throttle angle, includes data logger for intermittent fault detection, etc.)

Note: Not all features available with all brands of motorcycles/ATVs. OEM-style connector cables are required and sold separately. The MOTORSCAN 6050 Scan Tool is delivered with a full 12-month warranty on parts and labor that automatically starts on the date of shipment of the unit.

Why Buy MS6050DMM?

MOTORSCAN MS6050DM is the ultimate Diagnostic Scan Tool for Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, Scooters, ATVs and UTVs, with OEM-level coverage of 50 major brands, 3000 models and over 9000 systems. MS6050DM is perfect for the independent motorcycle repair shops!

Gain a competitive edge with the faster, more cost effective and enhanced diagnostic abilities found in MS6050DM:

  • Get more coverage
  • Stop sending customers away
  • Offer more service options
  • Increase the accuracy of diagnostics
  • See customer satisfaction skyrocket

All of this translates to more and happier customers for your business and the referrals that follow. Service more customers than ever before with MS6050DM. Improve your diagnostic capabilities and never direct another customer to a dealership again!

Scan Tool Benefits

Universal Scan Tools Are the Future for Independent Motorcycle Repair Shops

The motorcycle industry, much like the automobile industry before it, has moved more and more toward the use of electronic control units (ECUs) to manage and monitor the operation of the machine. The benefit of this system is that that it allows for better efficiency and performance, as well as on-board diagnostics systems that can be utilized for repair and maintenance. Everything from fuel-injection systems, to anti-lock brakes, to emissions control, and even anti-theft systems are monitored and controlled by the ECU.

Because of these electronic control systems, motorcycles are becoming much more complicated to diagnose and repair without the use of a diagnostic scan tool. The ability to properly diagnose a problem is the cornerstone of any repair shop, and customers depend on accuracy and cost-effective repairs with their machines. A diagnostic scan tool is an absolute must-have for any repair shop in today's market.

Repair Shops Face Serious Challenges

Unfortunately, there are no industry-wide standards for these tools, and each manufacturer has their own OEM-specific interface, software protocols, and error code definitions. OEM scan tools are very expensive, and can cost several thousand dollars apiece for each individual brand. Not only this, but many of these scan tools are difficult or even impossible to purchase without a franchise license. All of this makes it very difficult for an independent repair shop to compete with dealer franchises. The unfortunate reality is that a lot of independent shops lose work to dealers on these newer models because they don't have the necessary scan tool and have to turn their customers away.

Universal Motorcycle Scan Tool

The ideal solution to these problems is a universal scan tool. A universal scan tool is an aftermarket tool that covers a wide variety of manufacturers and models in the power sports industry, including motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs. The benefits of a universal tool are huge for an independent repair shop. The price for a universal scan tool is a mere fraction of the cost of purchasing an OEM tool for each make. A universal scan tool can provide OEM diagnostics at an aftermarket price! Regular software updates keep the scan tool compatible with current systems, and tech support is available for any questions or needs that a technician may have. Most importantly, a universal scan tool keeps an independent repair competitive in a rapidly-changing market, ensuring that customers can still rely on the people they know and trust to repair their machines.

Cover 3000 Motorcycle Models

One Scanner for All Manufacturers

Luckily, the Motorscan® 6050DMM is exactly the tool to fit these needs. This single device covers fifty major brands and almost 3000 models of motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, and side by sides. Unlike OEM scan tools, which only cover a particular brand, the MS6050 can be used on every machine that comes in to the shop. This saves the shop owner in cost, space, and the headache of having to learn how to use and maintain a huge variety of diagnostic tools. This scan tool covers the majority of manufacturer's diagnostic functions and communications protocols, saving valuable time for shop owners and customers alike. When it comes to performing diagnostics and training technicians in the use of a scan tool, time is definitely money, and having one device to replace dozens of expensive factory devices is incredibly beneficial.

Motorscan® is a leading manufacturer of diagnostic equipment, and their products are trusted when it comes to the motorcycle and power sports industry. Motorscan® provides regular software upgrades and tech support for their products. Their research and development teams ensure that new bike and ATV models are regularly added to the Motorscan® 6050, ensuring that anyone who owns their scan tool stays ahead of the curve in the repair market.

Motorscan 6050

Much like OEM scan tools, the Motorscan® 6050 can read fault codes that indicate conditions within the engine, details about these codes, and possible causes for the codes being set. The tool can erase these codes in order to perform further diagnostics, or after repairs have been made. It can also display live data and analysis during running diagnostic tests, and can reset service and maintenance lights. A great feature of the Motorscan® 6050 is the ability to tune various settings on the bike, such as injection adjustments, and throttle valve position identification and timing. Alarm and anti-theft sensitivity can be adjusted, and it can even program new keys, which is a valuable service that many customers will be very happy about.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

To get rolling with a Motorscan® 6050, it only takes the tool, the software, and the OEM connector cables. The price on these starts at $2,040.30. Compare this to $50,000 or more it would take to purchase comparable coverage with factory scan tools, and the choice for independent shops is obvious! This tool results in more clients for the shop, more income through diagnostic and tuning services, and satisfied customers who don't have to seek out dealers to get their machines repaired. With an average ticket price of $150, a Motorscan® 6050 pays for itself in just fourteen jobs. Considering this is going to be a tool that gets used all day, every day, the value speaks for itself.

Motorscan Scanner + Software + OEM Connector Cables

The benefit of the Motorscan® 6050 scan tool to an independent motorcycle and power sports repair shop is clear. It expands the shops' diagnostic and repair abilities and keeps customers happy so they return time after time.

Here are the reports of several satisfied customers:

"Can't run my business without it!"

- Ray E. Dugan, repair shop owner and Motorscan scan tool user.

"The Motorscan scan tool expanded and increased business. Customer satisfaction has been improved by allowing a more complete service to be offered on modern EFI vehicles. It increased diagnostic capacity and ability to perform service tests correctly and quickly. I have recommended the product to many of the other shops I contract to purely on the basis of price for coverage."

- Oliver Rumsey, shop owner and Motorscan scan tool user.

Smart Investment with Motorscan MS6050DM

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