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The Ignitionmate 35-8315

IgnitionMate IgnitionMate
IgnitionMate IgnitionMate

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IgnitionMate IgnitionMate


The power-sports vehicle industry’s most recommended problem-solving ignition and charging system trouble-shooting tool has been further improved. New features make this tool easier to use and add fresh diagnostic capabilities.

  • The revised spark analysis function allows the spark strength of different cylinders to be compared (The spark display zoom selection is used for maximum precision).
  • The scale selection LEDs are now below their respective scales for better visibility.
  • New improved rubber protective holder.
  • Internal NiMH battery, (which can be easily recharged simply by connecting to the vehicle’s 12V battery).

The compact dual-display peak-voltage ignition tester. Makes troubleshooting all types of spark ignition systems easier, surer, quicker.

Ignition signals are short duration, high voltage, pulses of energy that can damage even a good digital multimeter whereas the IgnitionMate has been specially designed to measure and dynamically display both primary and secondary ignition signals in a highly informative and useful manner.

The application of this versatile tool is based on two basic points:
Different types of ignition systems have the same basic components with signals measured being generally similar in nature and magnitude.

No disassembling of ignition components are required. (This avoids accidentally introducing, or correcting, poor contacts in the system, which may further confuse and delay resolution of the unidentified problems.)

The IgnitionMate
measures three different ignition signals

Select the ORANGE 10, 40 or 400Vpk scales and use the RED & BLACK probes to measure primary signals between the ICU and the power supply (battery or charge coil), timing pick-up (pulse coil or hall sensor), ignition coil and switches (key, emergency stop, footstand, throttle).

Select the YELLOW 10, 20, 40 kV scales and use the caliper to measure high voltage between the ignition coil and the sparkplug.

Use the +/- switch to determine the polarity of the high voltage signal. Normally single output coils have negative signals and dual output coils have negative and positive signals.

Select the RED SPARK scale to measure the consistency of the high voltage signal and to determine misfires. The signal strength can be varied for display purposes.

The left-hand YELLOW 20kV scale is provided to allow comparison between secondary kV the primary signals as measured on the right-hand ORANGE scales.

Dual bar graph, high intensity LED displays allows simultaneous measurement of two different ignition signals. This allows you to narrow down between which two points the problem lies.

Easy-to-use combination peak voltage and spark energy caliper clamps around sparkplug cable to measure voltages of up to 40kV and consistency of the spark current or energy. A stick-coil adapter is provided to allow measurement of secondary voltages on stick-coils.

Primary voltage and pick up coil / sensor measurement with silicon tester cables (resistant to damage from hot engines or exhausts) and removable insulated crocodile clips or special scoop probes (also known as back probes; allows easy connection (without damage) to in line cable connectors).

Spark energy monitoring allows misfire detection: a jumping spark energy signal indicates a misfire. A stable spark energy signal indicates a good ignition system and fuel mixture (An erratic signal might be caused by a lean fuel mixture). Note: The instrument is compact enough to mount on a motorcycle tank for on road misfire detection.


- Sec. Peak voltage: Selectable scales of 10,20 and 40kV. Negative/positive polarity selector switch.
- No damage when monitoring signals in excess of 40kV.
- Primary or charge coil voltage: 0 - 400V peak. (Using 10,40,400Vpk scales)
- Pick up coil / sensors: 0 - 40V peak. (Using 10, 40Vpk scales)
- DC or AC peak voltage: 10, 40, 400V scales.
- Spark energy: Adjustable to display low to high energy levels.
- Supply: Internal: 6 x AA batteries External: 12VDC (battery or filtered supply)
- Auto power off after no signal detected for 2 to 3 minutes.
- Standard kit: Instrument with rugged rubberized protective and mounting holster
- Combination kV & spark energy pickup with silicon lead
- Stick-coil adapter
- Silicon test lead set with insulated crocodile clips and scoop probes
- External 12VDC 2-meter (6 ½ ft) power lead with large crocodile clips
- Instruction manual and quick reference guide
- Custom carry case

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