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Atlas Hi-Rise Motorcycle Lift 1500 Lbs Wb11 & Atlas Tc221 & Atlas Mc Kit & Motorcycle Adapters


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Atlas HI-RISE 1500 Motorcycle/ATV Lift


The Atlas HI-RISE 1500 is one of our most popular motorcycle and ATV lifts.

This lift has a manufacturer’s rated lifting capacity of 1650 LB., but GSES rates the lift @ 1500 LB. (because we always under rate our weight capacities)The Atlas HI-RISE 1500 motorcycle lift is powered by the Atlas HTTLA 5100 air/hydraulic power unit. This air/hydraulic power system has an extra large hydraulic fluid reservoir; thus assuring a smooth and steady lift travel to the highest locking position.  You must have an air compressor that produces a minimum of 100 PSI to effectively operate the Atlas HI-RISE 1500 lift.

Increased Lifting Height:
The Atlas HI-RISE 1500 has a maximum lifting height of 43 inches. This increased lifting height makes it easier to work on vehicles while the operator is standing.

Included Chopper Extension:
The included chopper extension increases the diamond plated center section of this motorcycle lift to 100 ¾ inches.

Drop Out Rear Section:
The Atlas HI-RISE 1500 includes a standard drop out rear section to allow for easy removal of the rear wheel assembly.

The Atlas HI-RISE 1500 is portable.

Front Wheel Clamp and Approach Ramps:
The Atlas HI-RISE 1500 motorcycle/ATV lift comes with a heavy duty front wheel clamp and a set of adjustable approach ramps.

One year structural.

  • Weight capacity – 1,500 LB.
  • Atlas Power Coat powder coat finish
  • Includes removable drop out section
  • Includes chopper extension
  • Table length without approach ramp or chopper extension – 80”
  • Removable approach ramp included
  • Maximum lifting height - 43”
  • Lowered height – 7 ½”
  • Table width – 51" with side extensions
  • Powered by the Atlas HTTLA 5100 air/hydraulic power unit
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Vise included

  • Atlas TC221 Tire Changer:

    Atlas has sold automotive wheel service equipment for over 40 years. His company has distributed and installed hundreds of wheel service machines manufactured by HUNTER ®, CORGHI ®, COATS ®, CEMB ®, HOFMANN ®, AMMCO®, ACCU-TURN ®, RANGER ®, SNAP-ON ® and BISHMAN ®.

    The manufacturer believes that the wheel service products made by Atlas are designed and manufactured to the same exacting standards as the “BIG NAME BRANDS”

    The salesmen for the "BIG NAME BRANDS" try to intimidate many prospective wheel service equipment customers into believing that products from ASIA are inferior. Most of the “BIG BRAND NAMES” have the majority of their parts made in ASIA.

    Get the facts about Atlas wheel service products before you spend two to three times more than you need to on "BIG NAME BRANDS"!

    The Atlas TC 221 wheel clamp tire changer is the perfect changer for a small commercial garage or an ATV/motorcycle dealer.

    The Atlas wheel clamp tire changers are designed to change the tires on both high priced alloy wheels and steel wheels without damaging the rim or the tire. The powerful bead breaker located on the side of the tire changer is designed to break even the most stubborn and rusted beads without damage to the rim. The turntable jaws (which can be covered with the standard protective plastic inserts) hold the rim securely without damaging the surface of the rim. These jaws can be moved to three different positions along the slides of the turntable to either increase or decrease the clamping range of the Atlas 221.

    The Atlas TC 221 comes standard with an inflator hose and gauge.

    The Atlas TC 221 is manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified plant that produces tire changing equipment for export to many countries. The Atlas name means high quality and great prices. Atlas Equipment continues to offer the best products at the best prices.

    When shopping for tire changers and wheel balancers; ask the competition to show you pictures and descriptions of what is “under the hood” of their machines. Tire Changers and wheel balancers may appear to be the same on the outside, but as in most instances: It’s what’s inside that counts!

    Atlas Equipment has sold over 5,000 of the Atlas tire changers in the past several years. The Atlas name has always been a trusted name in the automotive service Industry and you can depend on the Atlas brand for many years to come.

    Does NOT Have A Bead Blaster:
    The Atlas TC 221 does not come with the powerful bead blast feature found on other Atlas tire changers. This bead blaster is not normally needed for motorcycle tires. Many of our customers have a separate bead blaster device to seat the stubborn beads found on ATV tires and stiff sidewall car tires. The bead blaster holes on most tire changers are located on the jaw slides. (The Atlas 221 does NOT have a bead blaster system) When the optional slide on adapter sets are positioned over turntable jaws, bead blaster air holes are covered and will not work properly. If a tire changer has a factory installed bead blaster system, the slide on adapters prevent the factory installed bead blaster system from operating effectively. Atlas HBBC (add-on) quick inflate system to help seat the beads on most stubborn tires. The HBBC can be installed in less than one hour. The Atlas HBBC delivers a powerful blast of compressed air into the cavity of the tire (from the top). Performance of the HBBC is not affected by the slide on adapters.

    The Atlas TC 221 is delivered by a commercial carrier. The customer is responsible for the unloading of the tire changer from the semi truck. Many times the semi truck can be equipped with a power tailgate (at no extra charge) to help lower the tire changer crate to the ground.

    There is some assembly required on the Atlas TC 221 wheel clamp tire changer. Atlas Equipment stocks a complete line of parts for all the Atlas wheel clamp tire changers.

    Atlas Equipment offers a one year limited warranty for the Atlas tire changers. We employ a full staff of Atlas technicians who can assist you (over the phone or in our warehouses) in repairing your Atlas equipment with genuine Atlas parts.

    Atlas WB11 Wheel Balancer:

    The Atlas WB 11 is our newest addition to the Atlas line of wheel balancers. The Atlas WB 11 is designed for those shops balancing 10-20 sets of passenger tires per day.

    The WB-11 is a self-calibrating computer wheel balancer. There is no need to calibrate the balancer each morning when you turn it on. The Atlas WB-11 has several different wheel weight positioning modes that allow the operator to the spin the wheel assembly one time and identify several different weight positions with just a touch of the button.

    Many custom wheel owners want their stick on wheel weights to be applied to the inside of the rim, and the Atlas WB-11 shows the operator exactly how much weight is required and where to apply the weight on the inside of the rim with just one spin. Conventional steel wheels require a clip on weight to be attached to the outside and the inside of the rim. The Atlas WB-11 can automatically calculate where the weights need to be placed with just the touch of a button.

    The Atlas WB-11 is very a simple, yet sophisticated wheel balancer. Each electrical component part is virtually “plug and play” so repair is easy when it is time to replace parts. The Atlas WB-11 is capable of self-diagnosing problems and displays error codes so the operator can make the necessary adjustments or repairs in his own shop. There is no need to wait for the high priced service technician to visit your store. The simplicity of the Atlas WB-11, both in ease of use and ease of repair, make this balancer the perfect choice for your shop.

    The Atlas WB 11 has a newly designed keypad and display screen that is user-friendly and allows the operator to input and retrieve data very easily.

    The Atlas WB 11 wheel balancer handles wheels that weigh up to 90 LB..

    Most computer wheel balancers are not made in the USA. Most Big Name wheel balancer companies have one or several models of their computer wheel balancers line made in China. Famous brand names such as Hunter ® wheel balancers, Coats ® wheel balancers, Corghi ® wheel balancers, CEMB ® wheel balancers, Accu-Turn ® wheel balancers, Snap-On ® wheel balancers, Hofmann Wheel balancers ®, Ranger ® wheel balancers, and many other computer balancers manufacturers do business either directly or indirectly with Chinese manufacturers.

    Many people believe that only the top quality computer wheel balancers and tire changers are manufactured in Italy. Many so-called Italian tire changers and Italian computer wheel balancers are SHIPPED to the USA from Italy...but are actually made in China. We do business directly with many of the same Chinese factories that private label for the Italian “manufacturers”. Atlas Equipment sells the same quality equipment, but at a huge price difference.

    Atlas Equipment is proud to provide similar equipment as some of the Big Name Brands but without the Big Name Price. We know where our equipment is made and have visited the factories and suppliers in China. Most sales people of the Big Name Brand distributors have no idea where there equipment is made. These sales people have never been to any factory that makes computer wheel balancers or tire changers. They only know to tell the potential customer to not buy any tire changer or wheel balancer that comes from China. Little do they know!

    Auxiliary Brake:
    The Atlas WB-11 has a foot pedal auxiliary brake that allows the operator to hold the wheel assembly in the correct position when attaching the wheel weight to the rim.

    Newly Designed Computer Board:
    Finally, the Atlas WB 11 uses a newly designed computer board system that makes replacement of the computer board as easy as plug and play. Many of the Asian manufacturers are using computer technology that is over ten years old. All of the Atlas balancers are implementing the newest and most reliable computer technology available. This improved technology is one of the many reasons that Atlas balancers will provide years of reliable service.

    Atlas Motorcycle Adapters:

    The complete motorcycle adapter kit is designed to enlarge the clamping range of all Atlas wheel clamp tire changers. The motorcycle adapter kit is installed over the existing turntable clamping jaws to INCREASE the EXTERNAL clamping range of the turntable jaws. The height of the motorcycle adapter kit clamping jaws allows the wheels to be elevated above the solid wheel clamp turntable. This elevation will allow many rear wheels to be clamped effectively (for the purpose of mounting or demounting a tire) WITHOUT the need to remove sprockets or hubs.

    The handy motorcycle adapter kit is secured to the existing jaws with a screw clamping system that ensures a positive clamping action by the jaws. The metal jaws can be covered by the plastic jaw protectors to prevent damage to expensive alloy rims.

    Please remember that clamping force exerted at the MINIMUM and MAXIMUM positions is REDUCED considerably. When clamping a rim with any adapter set, please make sure that the clamping pressure is sufficient to hold the rim securely.

    The use of the Motorcycle Adapter prevents the use of the air bead blast feature on the majority of tire changers. The Motorcycle Adapters are slid over the standard wheel clamp jaws on the tire changer table and will block the holes through which the bead blast shoots the jets of air. This means that you will not be able to use the bead blaster to help you reseat the bead of a tire when you are using this adapter set, unless you are using an external bead blaster, such as the Atlas HBBC.

    Atlas Wheel Balancer Motorcycle Adapter Kit:

    The Atlas MC adapter kit will allow your Atlas (passenger and light truck) computer wheel balancer to balance a variety of motorcycle wheels with hub assemblies up to 9.25 inches wide. The Atlas MC adapter kit quickly installs in all Atlas (passenger and light truck) computer wheel balancers. A simple sixty second procedure will transform your Atlas (passenger and light truck) computer wheel balancer into a state of the art motorcycle wheel balancer. The MC adapter kit is designed to balance wheels with a center hole diameter from .551 inch (14MM) to 1.25 inch (31.75MM). Although the MC Kit will accommodate wheels with a center hole larger than 1.00 inch, the weight and the width of the complete wheel assembly may require the use of our MC-XLT adapter set.
    Atlas WB11 Wheel Balancer:
  • Automatic positioning where to apply weights.
  • Automatic and pedal operated brake.
  • Automatic start/stop when hood is lowered/raised.
  • Static and dynamic balancing modes.
  • Rapid optimization (OPT)
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Self-calibration
  • Exceptional stability in reading the unbalance between planes.
  • Display in grams or ounces, in mm or inches.
  • No anchor-down installation needed.

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